1. Unit VI Research Project EMS was primarily established as a means of reducing the number of accidental deaths and disabilities on the nation’s roadways. Communication has played a significant role in the ability of EMS services to respond with the proper equipment, as well as communicate the patient’s injuries to the receiving hospital. Your supervisor has asked that you prepare a report to present at your local safety fair on the importance of vehicles that will provide Advanced Automatic Crash Notification System alerts to encourage them to consider purchasing vehicles equipped with this technology. In your report, you should also incorporate supporting reasons for why citizens may see responders using cell phones during emergency calls so that they do not assume it is for personal reasons.
    • Your paper should be at least one page in length, using APA (6th ed.) formatting for all in-text and reference citations. References should be cited on a separate page.
    • ï‚· Margins must be one inch at top/bottom and both sides.
    • ï‚· Use 12 point font and double space your paper.

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