operation management

Question 20 0 / 1.5 points All of the following are responsibilities of operations managers except Question options: 1) acquiring financial resources 2) managing inventories 3) planning production 4) scheduling production View Feedback Question 21 0 / 1.5 points Japanese firms used the concept of ___________ to convert from mass production to lean production. Question options: 1) division of labor 2) scientific management 3) just-in-time 4) interchangeable parts Question 14 0 / 1.5 points W. Edwards Deming believed that primary responsibility for quality improvement rested with Question options: 1) the firm’s employees only 2) the form’s management only 3) research engineers and consulting statisticians only 4) both the employees and management of the firm Question 16 0 / 1.5 points W. Edwards Deming’s overall philosophy for achieving quality is embodied in Question options: 1) his 14 points 2) his statement of purpose 3) his use of statistical control 4) none of the above Question 19 0 / 1.5 points __________________ advocated continuous improvement to the production process to achieve conformance to specifications and reduce variability. Question options: 1) W. Edwards Deming 2) Philip Crosby 3) Kaoru Ishikawa 4) Frederick Taylor Question 20 0 / 1.5 points Making sure that the product meets the design specifications during production is referred to as Question options: 1) quality of design 2) process capability 3) fitness for use 4) quality of conformance

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