From your review of the NCCIH website, you know that about 30% of adults engage with healthcare modalities not typically considered part of the conventional medical care model. 

Non-conventional medical care offers many benefits. It allows for a more comprehensive array of care for those not interested in pharmacologic treatment methods. Before I worked in the medical field, I was very anti-medication. I felt that drugs were overused, which they are, and that too many people abuse their medications. On the other hand, I have seen people who need certain medications and can’t afford their medications because of insurance issues, and lack of funds to pay for expensive medications. Non-conventional methods can treat a larger group of people who either prefer alternative medicine, have religious beliefs that conflict with the animal or substance of the medication, or just do not want to rely on medicine for treatment.

The likelihood exists that either you or someone you know has utilized complementary, alternative or integrative health care modalities.

Complimentary health care uses medications as well as non-pharmacologic methods like nutritional, psychological, physical, or a combination (National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health, 2023). My father-in-law is a type 2 diabetic, and he must use multiple methods in his healthcare treatment plan. He is on several medications as well as a diet restriction. He should exercise but unfortunately, he leads a very sedentary lifestyle and is non-compliant. A lot of medical treatment plans use multiple ways to help treat the patient. Having patients quit smoking, regardless of the type of diagnosis, is usually the first step.

Reflect on one of those non-conventional modalities that you have experience with. 

A complementary method I have experienced myself is acupuncture and massage in conjunction with certain medications. I was in a car accident at the age of 15 that resulted in my face having large lacerations, and parts of my face were unable to move which required physical therapy. My neck was constantly in pain, and I tried a chiropractor. Ultimately the experience made my neck much worse, and the physician overbilled me. I do not trust chiropractors. I did not find acupuncture to be helpful as my symptoms never got better. Massage I have found helps tremendously with my neck. It is not something that I experienced once and then I am healed. I try to see a masseuse every 4-6 weeks. This allows for relief of pain and helps to prevent the buildup.

Construct a discussion of that experience utilizing the PDSA model schemata. Support elements of the ‘Plan’ aspect with appropriate information from scholarly resources. Compare the ‘Study’ aspect with findings from scholarly resources.

I plan to test massage therapy on patients with whiplash, ages 16-30. I hope this produces an increased number of patients experiencing a decrease in pain. This will be measured using qualitative data. The time for measuring this will be 6 months. During the implementation of this test, I will evaluate the patient’s pain levels before and after the massage, with a baseline pain level taken initially. I will evaluate and study the results. I will see if the goal was met. In the act phase, I will conclude the results and describe what I came away with for this implementation. Whether it worked or not and if it is to be implemented in the entire practice (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2020). The plan stage is the data collection of how the implementation will be used to analyze the process. This will evaluate who the research population will be on, and where the research will be conducted. During the study stage, the data is analyzed from the previous stage, and there is a comparison made to earlier predictions. From this a summarization is made to learn from the results (Wong et al., 2023).

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