Systems theory is a theoretical framework that describes how organizations function. Even though a system has many definitions, it is best identified as an entity with different elements or parts that carry out the organization’s functions (Anderson, 2016). Components of organizations that make up a system include the environment, imputes, transformation processes, outputs, and, lastly, feedback (Sridharan, 2022).  

As an advanced practice nurse, the systems theory will help this writer understand how the healthcare system works and, as such, help to identify and address problems within the healthcare system. For example, his writer is pursuing a master’s in nursing graduate degree specializing in psychiatry. When this writer, as a certified advanced psychiatric nurse practitioner, identifies a problem while working in the emergency department, they will apply the systems theory to analyze different departments, specialties, procedures, staffing, equipment, or even patient volume to help identify the problem. By identifying the problem, this writer will develop solutions that specifically address the undefiled problem. For example, increase staffing ratios to improve patient safety. 

With the systems theory, this writer understands the importance of collaborating with other healthcare specialties to improve patient care outcomes and overall patient satisfaction by developing solutions that address the root causes of problems (Sridharan, 2022). 

Adopting systems theory would also help an advanced nurse practitioner examine complicated relationships, contexts, and interdependencies that affect mental health among individuals and communities. This holistic approach helps manage mental health disorders. One of the limitations of the systems theory is that it does not always explain an individual’s mental health disorders. As such, conventional diagnostic approaches should be employed hand in hand with systems theory to diagnose or identify mental health disorders (, 2023). 

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