– Natural Resources Worksheet SCI/256 Version 6 University ofDescriptionSolution downloadThe…

– Natural Resources Worksheet SCI/256 Version 6 University ofDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionUniversity of Phoenix SCI/256Assignment Title: Natural Resources WorksheetAssignment Instructions:?Complete?the attached University of Phoenix Material: Natural Resources Worksheet.?Natural Resources WorksheetSCI/256 Version 6University of Phoenix MaterialNatural Resources WorksheetComplete the following table:Fossil FuelIdentify 3 types of bothenergy categories and whatthey are most often used topower.Alternative Energy1. to using theseenergy typesEnvironmental impacts ofusing these energy typesAre these energy typesrenewable? Explain.Using the textbooks, the University Library, or other resources answer each of the followingquestions in 150- to 300-words. Be sure to provide references for the sources you use.QuestionResponseExplore water supply andmanagement in your area usingthe internet. What is the source ofyour municipality?s drinkingwater? Describe any concernsrelated to the quantity and qualityof this water source. Explain onething you can do in your everydayactivities to conserve water.Visit this Fish and Wildlife Servicewebsite(http://www.fws.gov/endangered/)and perform a search ofendangered species for your state.Select one species and explainwhy it is endangered and what isbeing done to help it recover.Copyright ? 2015 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.1Natural Resources WorksheetSCI/256 Version 6What reason(s) for conserving lifeon Earth found in ?A Closer Look13.3?, pages 299-301 (reading isinserted, below), do you findconvincing? Explain.Perform an internet search usingthe search term ?agriculturalsustainability article.? Read oneof the articles you find andsummarize it in 1-2 paragraphs.Based on this article and thereadings in the text do you thinkthat current large-scale industrialagricultural practices aresustainable? Why or why not?Give an example of a moresustainable agricultural practice.REFERENCESAPA-formatted citationAPA-formatted citationCopyright ? 2015 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.2Natural Resources WorksheetSCI/256 Version 6A CLOSER LOOK 13.3REASONS FOR CONSERVING ENDANGERED SPECIES?AND ALL LIFE ON EARTHImportant reasons for conserving endangered species are of two types:those having to do with tangible qualities and those dealing withintangible ones (see Chapter 3 for an explanation of tangible andintangible qualities). The tangible ones are utilitarian and ecological;the intangible are aesthetic, moral, recreational, spiritual, inspirational,and cultural.aUTILITARIAN JUSTIFICATIONMany of the arguments for conserving endangered species, and forconserving biological diversity in general, have focused on theutilitarian justification: that many wild species have proved useful to usand many more may yet prove useful now or in the future, andtherefore we should protect every species from extinction.One example is the need to conserve wild strains of grains and othercrops because disease organisms that attack crops evolve continually,and as new disease strains develop, crops become vulnerable. Cropssuch as wheat and corn depend on the continued introduction of freshgenetic characteristics from wild strains to create new, diseaseresistant genetic hybrids. Related to this justification is the possibilityof finding new crops among the many species of plants (seeChapter11).Another utilitarian justification is that many important chemicalcompounds come from wild organisms. Medicinal use of plants has anancient history, going back into human prehistor

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