Memo to you from Traci Goldeman, Manager, Atwood & Allen Consulting Hello, There is only one…

Memo to you from Traci Goldeman, Manager, Atwood & Allen Consulting




There is only one more task I need you to complete. I need you to recommend some recruitment and selection strategies for the client. Check the Client Communication to make sure you have all the information you'll need.


Include the following in your recommendation (place citations within your outline where appropriate; this simply shows where you got the specific information you include):

  • Name of the Atwood Scenario you're using as your framework for this assignment.
  • Organizational goals (can be the goals of the organizational scenario you've elected to use from the 3 Atwood scenarios)
  • Forecasted demographic changes (in the areas your business is in/wants to be in, how might you forecast any demographic change? What 3-4 resources or tools would you use? Then, what might be a bullet point or two on key demographic changes your company can expect?
  • An analysis of projected workforce needs – for the next 5 years based on organizational goals as well as demographic changes: A few bullet points on how you might do an analysis of projected workforce needs for your organization. What are 4-5 key considerations?
  • Workforce diversity objectives: 4-5 bullet points on how your particular business might recruit so that you obtain a diverse set of applicants
  • Organizational branding: 4-5 key points to consider relative to your company's branding
  • Methods for recruiting candidates: Other than what you mentioned above, what other avenues might be viable for you?
  • Methods for screening candidates–
    • (Specific) Interview methods
    • (Specific) Testing procedures
    • (Specific) Interview process considerations (What might you do to make sure the interview process is fair and consistent? Who might be involved? etc)
  • Methods for selecting candidates (4-5 bullet points on key considerations for making that final decision to hire)
  • Impact of organizational diversity on the organization: What are 4-5 specific ways diversity might strengthen your organization?
  • Laws to consider for recruitment and selection: What 2-3 federal state laws might your company want to make sure they know? What 2-3 state laws might be important to know?

The clients and I are grateful for your work, and I'm sorry to see our work together coming to an end. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


Thanks for everything!


Traci Goldeman
Atwood and Allen Consulting

Place citations where appropriate throughout your outline. As with any graduate-level assignment, you must include your sources for where you got the information. A full reference listing for each source cited should be on a “Reference” page at the end of your outline. Once again, follow APA formatting for your reference listings–however, you can single space each listing (double-space inbetween each separate listing). Remember: Your reference listing should take me directly to your source.




Here is the scenario:Hello Bradley,

That is exactly what I was going to suggest. I will have my team develop some recruitment and selection strategies that should work well for your business. One important thing to remember, and my team is aware of this: we need to focus on strategies that will work in Austin, Texas. The strategies you use there might be different from strategies you would use in other places.

I shouldn't need to get any additional information from you for this task. We'll start working right away, and I should have some strategies to you soon.

Traci Goldeman, Consultant Manager
Atwood and Allen Consulting

Hey Traci,

It's Bradley again. I got the training plan you sent over and it looks fabulous. Your team did a great job. Make sure to give them my kudos! I feel like we're really close to having everything we need. I just need some recruitment and selection strategies, and I should have everything I need from you. What do you think?

Bradley Stonefield
Landslide Limousines
Austin, Texas

Hello Bradley,

Thank you for your e-mail, and yes, we will provide a training plan for you using the information you provided for us. We should have something drafted for you soon. I will be in touch when we do, but don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Traci Goldeman, Consultant Manager
Atwood and Allen Consulting

Hey Traci,

Thanks for the performance management strategies you sent over. There were some great recommendations given. I'm excited to see what your team can come up with for a training plan. I know there are a lot of variables involved, but one of my concerns is about the cost of the training plan.

Just keep in mind that my annual net revenue for the first year is going to be -$50,000. That will change, though, because my expected annual revenue growth is -5%. You'll probably also need to consider that I'm planning for 25 employees. Oh, and one more thing: I expect my annual turnover to be about 10%.

If your team could come up with an effective and efficient training plan, that would be tremendous.

Thank you so much,

Bradley Stonefield
Landslide Limousines
Austin, Texas


    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 14/02/2016
    • Budget: $15

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