List the essential properties of molding sand. State the effect of each properties on casting….

First five question are 16 marks each, Last question 20 marks) 1. A) Give classification of manufacturing process. B) List the essential properties of molding sand. State the effect of each properties on casting. During casting of metals in the foundry shop we uses sand for the preparation of mould. It is the moulding sand properties which improves the quality of the casting metal. If a sand of suitable property is chosen, than it greatly minimises the casting defects that may be produced during the mould preparation and casting. In this section we will discuss all the properties of moulding sand that it must possesses for the preparation of excellent mould cavity. A moulding sand should possess the following 6 properties ? Porosity- It is the ability of sand by which it allows the gases to pass through it easily. ? Flowability- The ability of moulding sand to behave like a fluid when it is rammed is called flow ability. ? Collapsibility- The ability of the moulding sand to collapse after solidification of the molten metal is called collapsibility. ? Adhesiveness- The ability of the sand particles to get stick with another body is called adhesiveness. ? Cohesiveness or strength- The ability of the sand particles to stick with each other is called cohesiveness. ? Refractoriness- The ability of the moulding sand to withstand the high temperature of the molten metal without fusing into it is called refractoriness. 2. A) Sketch the cross section of a sand mould which is ready for pouring and label the important parts. B) Explain centrifugal casting process. What is the main difference between semi-centrifugal and centrifuging casting process. 3. A) Differentiate hot working and cold working. B) Explain tube drawing and wire drawing process. 4. A) Explain why forging is preferred over casting for the same product. B) Explain the wire drawing and tube drawing with neat sketches. 5. A) Write short note on Electron Beam welding B) Explain what springback in bending is. With the help of neat sketches explain methods to counter springback. 6. A) What are the common welding troubles, causes and what are the remedies for them? B) Enlist types of super finishing processes. Discuss the selection criteria for appropriate super finishing process.


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