Levinas and Royce Philosophy homework help

please read the file and the link answer the following question with the question mark on it.

Please make sure you are answering the right question.

1.For Levinas, what is the problem with most existing manners of thinking identity? How does thinking in terms of autrui avoid these problems? In considering this question, it may be helpful to consider what is meant by his declaration that “the essence of discourse is prayer.”

2.Click here and read the passages from The Philosophy of Loyalty starting with the word “Tyrants.” Is Royce’s opponent who denies loyalty actually able to do so?

Now consider the passage on page 157-158 about respecting loyalty wherever one finds it. Royce’s work on logic consisted of investigations into “self-reinstating” principles. From Royce’s words, would loyalty be a self-reinstating principle? Be sure to explain your reasoning.

3.What sort of objection might De Beauvoir or Royce raise in response to Nietzsche’s ‘ethics’ of power? For these thinkers, what would be a problem with rooting ethics in power?

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