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Week 4 DB1

DB 1

Go to Debate This on page 317 and discuss the issue of lawsuits against tobacco companies. What policies does your organization have with regard to use of tobacco at work? Do your company benefits include penalties for tobacco use or rewards for not using or quitting use of tobacco products? What changes might you suggest?

DB 2

In Reviewing: Intellectual Property Rights on page 337 discuss the Debate This question. What intellectual property does your organization own? How does it protect them if they have them? Does your part of the organization use any materials copyrighted by others? How does your organization insure it is not in violation of copyright law?

DB 3

Many employers would like to review employees’ social media participation when making hiring, promotion, or discharge decisions. What do you believe the extent to which that information is available to employers should be and why?


1)please check the PLAGIARISM

2)citations and references should be in a APA format

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