Use this Leadership Style Evaluation Test ( http://www.yourleadershiplegacy.com/assessment/ass… )

from Your Leadership Legacy by Robert M. Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca to determine what leadership style you lean towards and how that might affect the way you function in a criminal justice field. As you are deciding how it might affect the way you function in a criminal justice field, consider the leader you believe you want to be and what you need to improve upon to be a highly successful leader. Share and evaluate your results. Discuss whether they reflect what you would have expected or if they are different from the type of leader you would like to be.

Next, look back to the readings this week on leadership styles and any of your own research. Find what you believe are the two leadership styles that are more likely to lead from an ethical high ground. Discuss the following:

  • Why do these leadership styles produce agencies that have reduced liability and citizen complaints?
  • How do the different leadership styles facilitate or motive their employees?
  • What communication strategies do different leadership styles employ within their organization and to the public?

Please have in text citations and a reference page please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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