Investigate and analyze the wide range of interrelated factors involved in limiting local,…

Your question or statement must relate to one or more of the dot points listed as part of Module 7: Infectious Disease, Inquiry Question 4 below.

a. Investigate and analyse the wide range of interrelated factors involved in limiting local, regional and global spread of a named infectious disease b. Investigate procedures that can be employed to prevent the spread of disease, including but not limited to: — hygiene practices — quarantine — vaccination, including passive and active immunity — public health campaigns — use of pesticides — genetic engineering c. Interpret data relating to the incidence and prevalence of infectious disease in populations, for example: – mobility of individuals and the portion that are immune or immunised d. Evaluate historical, culturally diverse and current strategies to predict and control the spread of disease

You will need to research the answer to your inquiry question or statement and provide detailed evidence from a range of sources to answer the question/statement you have chosen. Make sure to formulate a question or statement that can be effectively answered using the resources you will reference.


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