Fraud Pleadings – Insurance Fraud Pleading

Review the following sample pleadings in an actual fraud case available at the bottom of the page. You are provided with the defendant’s response and counterclaims as well as defendant’s requests for discovery.

  • What court is this case in? What is the procedural history by which this case reached this court? In answering this question, demonstrate your understanding of the court structure in the U.S.
  • What are the causes of action advanced by the plaintiff? What elements must plaintiff prove for this cause of action?
  • With respect to civil procedure, what step is this document in a case? What potential next steps could occur in response to filing and serving this document?
  • Consider discovery requests in this case. What requests should plaintiff make based on this complaint? You should have a list of requests for production by the defendant and requests for admission by the defendant that the plaintiff might propound on the defendant.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages long and should follow the APA Requirements.

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