Inspired by the rebellion in Lower Canada, the rebels in Upper Canada decided to launch their own rebellion against the crown under the leadership of William Lyon Mackenzie (Buckner). Their rebellion was in opposition of political patronage system, favoritism towards British settlers at the expense of those who had American ties, and denial of political rights. The first assault occurred in 1837 at Yonge Street by rebels; this uprising was a failure because they were poorly armed and organized. The second assault, which was also a failure, took place in Brantford (Buckner). This failure led Mackenzie and his fellow rebels to flee to the US. From within the US, the rebels were able to launch attacks against Upper Canada for a year. Mackenzie withdrew in January of 1938 after Canadian government sympathizers burned the ship that provided him with supplies. The situation calmed in 1838 and Mackenzie exiled himself in New York before going back to Canada after government pardon (Buckner).

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