Base on this topic, Your final submission will be graded on four factors: mechanics (15 points) (content and format, grammar, punctuation, etc.); readability and organization (10 points); originality of topic and content (both subject matter and authorship) (15 points); and quality of work (20 points) (Master’s level work). Your final product should not be over seven double-spaced pages of text, excluding the cover page and references or bibliography. The cover page is to include your name, topic title, course designation, date.

  • My Topic : How to curb corporate corruption
  • Introduction
    • What’s the corporate corruption
    • Why we have corporate corruption
    • Where does corporate corruption mainly take place?
  • The consequences and impacts of corporate corruption
    • The bad influence of enterprise corruption on society
    • Corporate corruption destroys employees’ Morals
    • The influence of enterprise corruption on enterprise reputation
  • How to curb corporate corruption
    • Establishing a dialogue channel for anti-corruption
    • Establish effective monitoring mechanism
    • Managers must regulate their behavior
    • Establish an effective performance appraisal system
  • For individuals, employees’ morals and Responsibility
    • Know what to do and what not to do
    • Understand personal responsibility for business and society
  • Summary

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