for experamental phsycology

Review the assignment rubrics and guide for Proposal section.**SUBMIT THE APA-STYLE 1) TITLE PAGE, 2) INTRODUCTION & LITERATURE, 3)METHOD SECTION, and 4) REFERENCE PAGE NOT THE ENTIRE PROJECT, Plus attachments noted below.Include Informed Consent (See samples provided), andQuestionnaires (a separate one for each variable anddemographics);along with Participants, Materials and Procedure FOR THE STUDY THAT YOU PLAN TO CONDUCT.1. CLARIFY YOUR ASSIGNED TOPIC OR Check in the topic assignment list for you are assigned topic.2. Find recent (published in the last 10 years ) research journal articles read it to your variables to include in your paper.For example, if my assigned/selected topic is “study habits and academic success“, a) I would write my topic as a question: Ex: ‘What is what is the relationship between study habits and academic success in college students?’ & b) Use this question to guide my research. c) I would find articles that: describe study habits in college students, describe academic success in college students, and that help me to answer the question how do study habits relate to academic success in college students.3. Use the APA style paper guide to complete your assignment. Include all sections of the guide in your assignment.

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