Subject: Focal Point Creation

The instructor lists in How An Artwork Is Built, Module 3 that there are visual “weights” used in asymmetrical balance that are used to create a focal point in design. The visual weight being the amount of attraction the visual elements pull. Read this list of weights in your module 3 slides, then view the works of art throughout this module.

How are the visual elements “weighted” to create a focal point of interest, for example: In Nicolas Poussin’s “The Holy Family On the Steps” slide 7, the artist uses the triadic colors of yellow, blue and red to create a focal point around the figures of Mary, Christ and St Elizabeth and John the Baptist. The contrast of light and dark values and bright and dull colors makes this area’s elements dominant and attracts attention, thus creating a focal point.

What techniques are used in the these works to create a focal point of interest in the following works:

Slide 3: “The Love Letter”

Slide 8: “Dancers Practicing At the Bar”

Slide 12: “The Figure 5 In Gold”

Slide 11: “The Third of May”

Slide 2: “The Pianist”

Slide 15: “Zapatistas”

Do not explain how these compositions are balanced.

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