Estimated time to complete: 3 hour Please post 1 peer response.In the response post, critique the ou

Estimated time to complete: 3 hour Please post 1 peer response.In the response post, critique the outline by providing strengthsand areas of improvement based on the quality of the following:Purpose Thesis Statement Introduction Capture Attention EstablishCredibility Preview the Speech Transitions Conclusion Please besure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations andreferences in APA format. Please review post and responseexpectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your responsemeets criteria. COLLAPSE Advantages to Universal health coverage

27.6 million people in 2016 were living their lives without healthinsurance. Universal health coverage would elimnate tough decisionon whether to pay bills and survive or go to the doctor for medicaltreatment. Universal health coverage sucessful in other countries and can besucessful in the United States. Even after the Affordable Care Actwas introduce people were still debating on whether or not to seekmedical treatment. Cost of health insurance is too high and alot ofpeople do not have health coverage through their job.Some statesdid not expand Medicaid and still remain ineligble for financialassistance for health insurance. Tons of conditions and illnesses could be prevented if people couldafford routine check ups. Healthy people produce a health economy.People working and spending their hard earned cash puts money inthe economy. Sick people sometimes can’t work which means theycan’t make money and also means they can’t spend money. Low income families and adults are the ones most likely to beuninsured. People without health care coverage have limited accesto care than people who are insured. In the year 2016 one in fiveadults were without medical coverage because of high cost. Therehave beens numerous studies that have proved time after time thatthe uninsured are less likely to receive preventice are andservices for major health conditions and chronic illness than thepeople with insurance coverage. Universal health coverage can be a vital solution preventedcondtions and illness by people going to the doctor on a regularbasis and being able to see the doctor for condtions that could betreated by vaccinations and receiving antibiotics Universal Health care has worked in places countries Canada,Ireland, Switzerland and Demark. There will never be a cheapsolution to a expensive topic especially when health care cost isincreasing and is basically a private sector without any regulatedprices for treatment from the federal governemnt. People shouldnever have to choose between feeding their family and seeing thedoctor because a child is and home remedies are working but goingto the doctor isn’t possible because they simply can’t afford thevisit. Please respond to this topic: Attached

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