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Earth fill work with large volumes of soil deposits proposes to construct an earth embankment. Thisproject has a scope of work mainly in the form of jobs earthen embankment for water dike with a heightvarying between 10-15 ft. wide and 12 to 15 ft. above the dike by using the selected material in corebody embankment.The large volume of earthen embankment material will supply from two locations within 3.5 and 5 milesfrom the project site. Therefore use two different areas of the source material, the productivity of themachine will be different, especially Dump Truck productivity that used as a tool to mobilize theembankment material from the excavation site to the project site.Required careful and detailed planning to determine the configuration of the mechanically earthmoving.Configuration here, one of which determines the various kinds of heavy equipment needed to performthe job earthen embankment. The following heavy equipment will be used to do the job from the coreembankment dike body includes :1. Vibrator Roller CAT CB54B, use Caltrans hourly option (for rent)Average speed: 4 mile/hr2. Water Tank Truck 2 units: 5000 gallons, 175 hp, $253,000Average speed: 15 mile/hrEmpty average speed: 25 mile/hrAverage thread of water: 3 milesCycle time (TSL): 11 minutes3. Bulldozer CAT D5K2 LGP, $210,000Average speed: 3 mile/hr4. Articulated Trucks CAT 725C2 $413,000Average speed: 15 mile/hrEmpty average speed: 25 mile/hr5. Wheel Loader (CAT 950L or 950H) 3.5 cy yd, 180 Hp, $ 240,600 (new)Each machine mentioned above was needed according to the functions and demanded theimplementation of the work earthen embankment. The efficiency of all equipment is 85%.Later after determining the configuration of a variety of heavy equipment such as those mentionedabove, then we need to do the calculations required number of each machine in the fleet. Factors thatshould be considered in the estimation of the cost to determine the profit target from the work of theland must be remembered that all five of its heavy equipment have different productivity.The base of calculation to determine the productivity of each all 5 heavy equipment varies depending onthe shape of the dimensions, the workings, and functions of each of this equipment. The followingdescription of the factors that are used to make the calculation of productivity of each machine above :1. Vibrator Roller: Average Speed, the length of compaction, thick of carpet, a lot of trajectories, equipmentefficiency factor.2. Water Tank Truck: Basin capacity once load, equipment efficiency factor, an average thread of water, averagespeed, and empty average speed.3. Bulldozer: Apart from the mean operation, average speed, wide blade, thick of carpet, a lot of trajectories,equipment efficiency factor4. Dump Truck: Basin capacity once load, equipment efficiency factor, average Speed, empty, average speed5. Wheel loader: bucket capacity, volume converting factor, bucket factor, head speed, backward speed, distance.As a basis for analyzing the target volume of work to be accomplished at a specific time, data volume ofwork “Embankment of the Core Zone A (hauling distance 3.5 miles)” and work “Embankment of the CoreZone B (hauling distance 5 miles)” contained in the Master Schedule contract on the object which weestimate. An operation for each zone will use one water truck, one vibrator roller, and one dozer.The quantity each volume of work estimates 268,810 cu. yd., and 806,403.9 cu yd. Where each volumeof the work in accordance with the Master Schedule that there should be completed within a period of12 months or less 365 days. Thus the target volume of each such work must be accomplished in onemonth 22,400 cu. yd. and 67,200 cu. yd.Based on the volume of the target data with a number of working dates, the next step will estimate intoaccount the need for equipment both truck and loader to answer the targets that must be achieved sothat the schedule for completion of the work can be completed on time or faster.Discusses the calculation of the ownership and operating cost required to do the compacted earthfillwork for embankment in accordance with the volume of work, the target date for implementation, andthe number of heavy equipment needs.Estimate equipment ownership cost or rental prices per hour, including 1)Hauling distance, 2) Effectivehour a day, andGEOE 3)Cycle Time, etc. Labor cost for a truck driver is @20/hr, others are $25/hr.


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