The ANA Scope and Standards of Practice describe how registered nurses use the nursing process as the foundation for decision-making and care delivery. These are the standards of care you will be held accountable to as an RN. They are the basis for evaluating the appropriateness and quality of your nursing care in the event you are involved in a malpractice lawsuit.

Base your response in this discussion post on the ANA Standards of Professional Practice. nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (Links to an external site.) (3rd ed.) 

  • Choose one of the six (6) ANA Standards of Practice (starting on p. 53). Compare and contrast how the practice of an RN is different from your current role as an LPN. Provide specific examples to supports your explanation.
  • Discuss an experience in your life (as a patient, family member or professional) where an RN demonstrated one of the competencies from the ANA Standard of Practice.

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