Morehouse (2009) suggested that once you identify a learning connection, other standards within the curriculum simply begin “popping up” (para. 9). This may lead to the grounding of your project in multiple objectives you may not have previously considered. In developing your Service Learning Strategy Project Plan, you are working to connect closely the affective benefits of service with the learning objectives of schooling. This Discussion will help you articulate and receive feedback on how you are linking your Service Learning Strategy Project plan to specific learning objectives.

To prepare

Carefully review this week’s Learning Resources and any feedback you have received about your Service Learning Strategy Project Plan, the specific problem you have addressed with the service learning, and your progress in articulating for the project clear outcomes that mirror the learning objectives you have identified.

Resource: https://www.edutopia.org/service-learning-fowler-h…


Post an explanation in which you do the following:

  • Describe the process you would use to identify learning objectives for your students in your own project planning. Which additional standards or objectives, if any, did you find for which you did not originally plan?
  • Describe any interdisciplinary planning derived from this process.
  • Describe the insights you gained about service learning and the potential it has to encourage social change. Provide specific examples from your plan.

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