Develop skills and comprehensions of the steady-state analysis tool—MATPOWER…. 1 answer below »

Purpose of the assignment:

(1) Review the basics of power flow fundamentals,

(2) Understand power system components and configurations,

(3) Get familiarized with MATLAB coding environment, and

(4) Develop skills and comprehensions of the steady-state analysis tool—MATPOWER.


(1) This assignment is to be completed by groups of 2 students.

(2) Each group will write a report in concise and clear English, and each group will need to

submit a report online via LMS before due time/date. Hardcopy submission is not required.

(3) The contributions of each individual need to be clearly indicated in front of report. A

complete and signed assignment coversheet must be attached to the group submission.

(4) The report should not exceed 30 pages, your answers should be neat, clear and easy to


(5) If some team member(s) don’t participate group activities and doesn’t respond team

communications, the other team member(s) shouldn’t include such inactive students in the

assignment coversheet. (Please contact Dr. Lu Jin at the earliest convenience if you have

such member(s) in your team).

(6) There is no word limit.

(7) Please refer to Only include the content that is applicable to your work.

(8) Submit the team report (and other files if necessary) on LMS before the due time. The

submission link is available under the “Group Assignments” section from your group main

page on LMS. You are allowed to submit multiple versions (maximum 3) on LMS, but only

the final attempt is to be marked. If your team submits the final version report after the due

time, the final version report will be assessed as a late submission.


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