Design classes which use inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling…

The purpose of this assessment item is to assess your skills attributable to the following

learning outcomes and your achievement of the expected graduate attributes of advanced

level communication, knowledge, cognitive, technical, and creative skills, and selfmanagement.

? Design classes which use inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling

? Analyse, design and implement multi-layered software solutions, focusing on data

structures and algorithms

? Compare and contrast performance of different algorithms in problem solving

? Investigate socially innovative practices in software development.

The Assessment criteria include:

1. Efficient object-oriented program design.

2. Design and implement appropriate data structures for application development

3. Evaluate a variety of data structures and algorithmic approaches

4. Effective use of good programming practice/techniques

5. Apply classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling

6. Programmatically connect to a database and implement the database operations

7. Rigorous testing of software application

8. Work collaboratively as part of a small team


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