There are many anthropologists working all around the globe. Researchers focus on different subjects when they conduct fieldwork and usually publish the results of their study in articles and books. For a very long time the only way to learn about that research was to read professional periodicals like Current Anthropology. Nowadays technology, especially the internet, offers many streamlined ways for the public to access information that was once restricted only to those that had special access. This enables everyone to read about current research. The information researchers share through such methods can help us understand various cultures and groups of people at a specific moment in time. As time passes, we also see how those people and places change in social behavior and cultural practices.

This week we explore one of these working anthropologists – Dr. Saba Mahmood.


  1. Learn about Dr. Mahmood’s professional background: (Links to an external site.)链接到外部网站。
  2. Read an interview with Dr. Mahmood: (Links to an external site.)链接到外部网站。
  3. Post a brief response (50+ words) describing Dr. Mahmood’s contributions to the field of anthropology.
    Include why you think her work makes a difference to people. (15 points)
  4. Suggest an anthropologist that might be spotlighted in a future assignment.
    Select any anthropologist – it’s nice to include working researchers from different locales around the world. (5 points)

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