Read the following article. Critically evaluate the research study it reports. Focus mainly on the Introduction and Methods sections.

The article for this assignment is: Allen, K. B. & Barber, C. R. (2015). Examining the use of play activities to increase appropriate classroom behaviors. International Journal of Play Therapy, 24(1), 1-12.

Use the questions below to guide your critique of the study. As indicated below, you should focus more on those sections of the article that are about the study’s purpose, design and methodology.

1. Research approach and research questions (15 marks, 200 words)

a) Given that this study was a quasi-experiment, which one of the three research approaches do you think Allen and Barber applied? Apply your knowledge of research approaches to substantiate your conclusion with relevant evidence from the article.

b) Identify the purpose of this study. More specifically, what did the researchers hypothesize?

2. Research methodology (35 marks, 650 words)

a) The researchers used a single-group pretest-posttest design. Demonstrate your understanding of research methodology by commenting on how appropriate this design was for addressing the study’s research questions. In addition, evaluate the methodology in terms of its merits and demerits in the context of the study.

b) Apply your knowledge of the various elements of research by suggesting improvements that would strengthen the methodology.

3. Sample (25 marks, 450 words)

a) Identify the target population, sampling frame, sample, and sampling method used.

b) Examine the appropriateness of the study’s target population, sampling method(s), and sample characteristics. What issues may arise from these sampling decisions?

c) Propose an alternative sampling method that would be more scientific in terms of the generalizability of the study’s results to the larger population.

4. Future research (15 marks, 200 words)

a) Briefly describe a research study that you can propose as a logical follow up to Allen and Barber’s findings.

b) Develop the research question of your proposed study. Stemming from your purpose statement, formulate a single, testable hypothesis.

References: APA format

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