Assignment Task

Please write a 2,000 word essay (excluding references), incorporating elements of the required/recommended readings and any other relevant book chapters and journal articles.

Critically discuss the importance of employee engagement for both individuals and organisations and the factors determining the employee engagement.



• Cover
o Write the module title/KU number/word count

  • Contents list
  • Introduction
  • Analysis (Main Part)

o It is up to you if you want to create subsections

  • Conclusions
  • References

*** Please put page numbers & number any diagrams/figures

A paragraph – a small introduction to the topic

 Mention WHAT you are going to show

o This essay deals with/ This assignment will examine &

 HOW you are going to do this (plan)
o This essay is divided into 2/3/4 sections.

o It will first consider… It will then go on to describe… o Finally some conclusions will be drawn

Main part (Analysis)


  • It started from practitioners.
  • Why ?
  • Definitions of employee engagement

o Do not just give definitions! Explain! Avoid many quotations

Why is engagement important?

  • What do we know from research?
  • Outcomes?
  • Individuals: Well-being? Better health? Happiness?
  • Organisations: Higher profits/financial returns? Improved Performance? Better service climate? Factors determining employee engagement?
  • You should draw from one academic model
  • Kahn (1990) OR
  • The Job Demands-Resources Model (Demerouti et al., 2001)


• Recap your main idea in a clear, summarizing manner

o You want the reader to understand the message you intended to communicate o Keep it short
o Do not introduce any new ideas


  • Focus on the quality of your references (academic papers, books)
  • You can also use the extra material from StudySpace and the papers used for each session (see references at the end of the slides)

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