*Create the presentation in the following format, with at least one slide to cover each of the follo

*Create the

presentation in the following format, with at least one slide to cover each of

the following areas:

*Title Page

*Table of Contents

*Executive Summary

*Information about the


*3 Year Income
Statement (Profit & Loss) Projections

*Include your
assumptions for why and how you will achieve your sales growth and what
significant expenses and investments you expect to incur to achieve your
revenue goals

*3 Year Proposed
Funding Schedule (Sources and uses of the funds received)

*Break-Even Analysis

*Academic and Business

*Review the following
scenarios and assumption, and explain how it impacts your decision to expand:

*After Year 3, the
investors are interested in your company expanding internationally to possibly
outsourcelabor or to reduce
manufacturing costs What countries would you expand to first, and why? What
factors would you need to consider in making this decision?

*What is the corporate
tax rate in the countries you are considering expanding your business to, and
how will that affect your decision to expand globally? (UseMarketing Plan

*Competitor OECDDatabase or another
resource to determine the corporate tax rate)

*The investors want to
see a decision tree detailing the decisions you would make if you received
$300K now and $200K at the end of three years instead of $500K up front

*The investors would
like your team to provide advantages and disadvantages of using debt financing
versus selling company stock to raise capital for growth

*Briefly explain the
venture capital process Does it make sense for your company to raise funds
through venture capital?

*Format your
presentation consistent with APA guidelines

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