Concept analysis- peer response

Emotional strain in nursing is very prevalent in modern healthcare. Due to many determining factors such as inadequate staffing, high nurse-to-patient ratios, and burnout syndrome, emotional strain can produce poor quality of care. “Walker and Avant’s (2011) method for concept analysis was chosen as the methodology for this analysis of emotional strain in nursing because it is logically organized, easily understood, and used successfully by both national and international authors related to nursing and healthcare” (Stubin, 2017). The goal of the concept analysis is to bring awareness to nurses so that they might recognize emotional strain before it takes a toll on their nursing career. The author’s aim and purpose for doing the concept analysis on this topic is to define the definition of emotional strain versus stress and strain. Thus, uncovering suitable treatments or interventions to reduce or ease the emotional strain. Defining attributes of emotional strain are emotional exhaustion or a lack of incentive, ineffective coping, and unfavorable emotional responses that ultimately lead to depression, anxiety, frustration, and feelings of defeat. The benefits of completing a concept analysis are continued education and awareness of the subject so that nurses may recognize emotional strain before it leads to something bigger like nurse burnout. We have all experienced as nurses how it is a dog-eat-dog world, and in the end, a corporation will replace you at a moment’s notice. I am the one that recognized I was suffering from burnout syndrome through research and schoolwork. The psychiatric hospitals I worked for did not care that my mental health as well as my physical health was declining. It was not even noticed or addressed by any of my supervisors. This concept analysis on emotional strain has brought more insight and awareness to the table. Mental health matters. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

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