Write a 350- to 700-word journal entry in the narrative style (FIRST PERSON).

Describe the flow of information in your company, or in a company at which you have been employed. In your journal, discuss the following :

  • The intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and intercultural levels of communication within your company
  • How information travels up, down, and across your organization, and how it relates to the basic communications model
  • The functions of the Y hierarchy of managerial communications. Does it apply to your organization’s communication hierarchy?
  • A comparison of at least three managerial communication approaches you have observed in your organization
  • At least three potential barriers to effective communications that exist in your company
  • APA Formatting Required:
    • Title page with page numbers in the header starting on the title page.
    • An introduction that says what the paper will be about and a “hook” that tells the reader why this paper’s information is important.
    • A conclusion that wraps up important points of the paper.
    • 12- point font–double spaced.
    • 2 references that back up some of the points of the paper. References should be cited in APA format and the paper should include a reference page to go with citations.

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