You and a colleague have created a small start-up that specializes in ethical hacking and security auditing. Since you are one of the founders of the firm, you have been invited to speak at your local BSides annual conference. This is a good opportunity for many reasons. It gives you the opportunity to network with people in the field of security, continue advancing your career by learning more about cybersecurity and to promote your new company. In addition, you had intentions of doing research pertaining to Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs) as to eventually create an article to be submitted to a cybersecurity/security peer reviewed journal. The conference will give you a chance to discuss your research, so it is important to create your research paper to be journal ready for the BSides conference. Your hope is to possibly find someone with similar interests who wishes to collaborate with you as to make your research paper a stronger one.


You will conduct research about a new technology or innovation (released in the past year or to be released in the next couple of years) in any industry. You will explain the evolution of hackers that compares and contrasts early hackers with today’s Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Then you will look at the kill chain model and determine if it is suitable or not to defend the APT against the new technology. In addition, you will select a peer-reviewed journal to submit to after the BSides conference.

A minimum of 3 credible sources should be used to support your augments in the research paper. You may use peer-reviewed articles, trade magazine articles, or IT research company (Gartner, Forrester, etc.) reports to support your research

Research paper should be 5-6 pages.

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