BSN Nursing Admission Essay

Nursing Admission Essay

Writing a BSN application essay requires careful consideration and a keen understanding of the program to which you are applying. It is important to demonstrate that you have researched the school, taken into account its mission and values, and understand what it offers in terms of academics and support for nursing students. Your essay should be tailored to each individual school so that admissions committees can see your commitment to becoming a nurse and your passion for the profession.

When crafting your essay, consider the qualities that make nursing unique and why you are drawn to it as a career. Describe any experiences you have had in the field or any courses you have taken that have inspired a desire to become a nurse. Demonstrate how you plan to use your education to make a difference, and discuss how you think the BSN program at your chosen school can help get you there. If applicable, draw on any personal experiences that have shaped your opinion of nursing.

Your essay should clearly articulate why you want to pursue a career in nursing, as well as specific goals that you have for yourself and your future patients. Nursing is a unique field that requires a multitude of skills and qualifications, such as empathy, communication, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving — to name a few. With the right combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal abilities, nurses can make an impactful difference in their communities by providing quality healthcare to those who need it most.

Sample BSN Application Essay

Why am I seeking graduate degree in nursing?

As an associate of Arts (AA) degree holder, I have been searching for an institution where I can not only pursue a nursing degree, but excel in it. As St. Joseph’s College, the responsibility of training nurses is placed on the best trainers the region has to offer. Furthermore, the institution mentors nurses to become leaders at every stage of their career and to take up leadership roles in their respective institutions. St. Joseph’s and I therefore, have a common vision. I am constantly motivated to increase my knowledge base so that I can become a nurse leader and offer guidance to other nurses. With the emphasis placed on nursing leadership at the institution, I am confident that I will achieve this goal. Conversely, as an aspiring nurse, the drive to provide healthcare solutions to my community is my primary motivation to pursue a degree in nursing. I am pleased that St. Joseph’s is also passionate about training nurses to provide care that impacts both patients and the community as a whole. Thus vindicated, I am encouraged that by joining St. Joseph’s College, I will be able to achieve my primary goals of becoming a nurse leader and also providing healthcare solutions to the community.

What are your professional goals after graduating from St. Joseph’s?

After graduating from the institution, I want to become a travel nurse and a nurse leader providing guidance to my peers and other nurses. The current nurse shortage has informed my goal of becoming a travel nurse. In this role, I will be able to travel to different healthcare facilities and communities to provide healthcare services to patients and also educate them on maintaining health and wellness. In addition to being a travel nurse, I want to take up a leadership position in my institution. In line with this goal, I want to oversee nursing units, ensure that other nurses follow set protocols and procedures that uphold patient safety and high quality healthcare services. In my leadership role, I will also be responsible for aligning nursing unit’s goals with the institution’s overall strategic objectives. Overall, I want to be a leader who inspires and guides other nurses to be the best versions of themselves.

What are my objectives?

As a student having goals and objectives for myself will help me stay focused on improving my skills and being the best student I can be. As I look forward to joining the nursing department at St. Joseph’s college, I have identified two main goals that I want to achieve: becoming a travel nurse and leader. To achieve the aforementioned, I have identified several objective that will be my guiding force as I pursue my nursing degree. To become a travel nurse, I have to make an effort to excel in my clinicals. Nevertheless, I am aware that clinical goals and objectives vary from program to program. They also act as a great way to stay focused and monitor my progress. Some of the objective I have identified that are in line with my overall goal of being a travel nurse include; ensuring that I see a patient from intake to discharge so as to gain an understanding of the entirety of patient care. I will also need to improve my communication skills to interact effectively with patients, their family members and the entire interdisciplinary team responsible for patient care. Lastly, I will use all the resources available to me to improve on my leadership and interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to getting an opportunity at St. Joseph’s College to pursue a nursing degree. I believe that this opportunity will be instrumental in helping me achieve my overall goals of being a travel nurse and nurse leader.

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