Big Data in a Clinical System

Big Data in a Clinical System

This is APA Format paper. One page discussion. Reference page. Intext citation.  No running head. Please use at least three references from the resourses provided.

Please make sure you address all the questions being ask.

  • Review the Resources and reflect on the web article Big Data Means Big Potential, Challenges for Nurse Execs.
  • Reflect on your own experience with complex health information access and management and consider potential challenges and risks you may have experienced or observed.

Post a description of at least one potential benefit of using big data as part of a clinical system and explain why. Then, describe at least one potential challenge or risk of using big data as part of a clinical system and explain why. Propose at least one strategy you have experienced, observed, or researched that may effectively mitigate the challenges or risks of using big data you described. Be specific and provide examples.



Big Data in a Clinical System

The use of big data analytics tools has the potential to improve the healthcare system. A major benefit of employing this concept is the improvement of high-risk patient care. In many cases, there are various healthcare costs and complication in emergency care. Patients in these scenarios do not experience better outcomes. With the employment of big data, records are digitized. This feature allows practitioners to identify patient patterns in a quicker and more effective way. Therefore, practitioners can customize their treatment approach to meet the needs of the patients and improve efficiency (Topaz, 2013).

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Despite its benefits, big data is also viewed to have some drawbacks. One challenge facing this concept is the security of data. Like in other industries, data in healthcare faces security threats such as phishing, hackings, and high profile breaches (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017).While there are a suitable number of technical safeguards, some practitioners still engage in activities that make the data vulnerable.  Data insecurity makes it hard to have reliable data as some information may be taken down.  This makes it hard for healthcare organizations to make customized treatments, thereby affecting healthcare outcomes (Wang, Kung, & Byrd, 2018).


A suitable strategy to control security problem in big data analytics is the use of strict security policies. The facility management needs to develop suitable security protocols to ensure that the employees understand. The workers need to be reminded of the critical nature of the given protocols. In addition, the management needs to review the people who have access to highly-sensitive data to limit the number of people who can cause problems to the data. These authorized individuals need to understand the standard security procedures to minimize making security errors (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017).



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