ASSIGNMENT: Strategic Plan Sections 1 and 2

ASSIGNMENT: Strategic Plan Sections 1 and 2


This week, you will submit the first two sections of your Strategic Plan, an introductory summary of the strategic plan issue and a SWOT analysis. Conducting a SWOT analysis can have tremendous value in preparing for planned change. Review the Strategic Plan Overview and Template in this week’s Learning Resources. This document outlines all project components and due dates, and you should draft all sections of your Strategic Plan within the template.


As you create each section of your Strategic Plan, keep in mind that all resources that you use should be documented in APA style in Section 9: References, however Section 9 will not be graded until it is submitted in Week 10.


Section 1: Summary of the Issue

To prepare:

· Consider the information on strategic planning in the Learning Resources.

· Review any feedback you received from your Instructor on your Module 1 Assignment. If necessary, continue to refine your focus to clarify the strategic plan issue.

· To prepare your Summary of the Issue section, proceed as follows:

· Investigate the background related to this issue. What conditions have contributed to this situation? Is there data (beyond what you identified for the Week 2 Discussion) that should be examined?

· Conduct research to assess what has been attempted in the past, by various individuals or organizations, to address this issue.

· Think about any broader issues that should be examined to better understand this issue. For instance, consider economic, political, and/or social considerations.

To complete:

Write a 2- to 3-page summary of the strategic plan issue. Include the following in your summary:

· The strategic plan issue and how the issue’s need is evident in the group or organization.

· The mission and vision of the group or organization. (Note: Be sure you have reviewed and implemented feedback from your Week 4 Discussion 1: Mission and Vision Statements.)

· Background, including:

· Data from historical analysis and forecasting to support the need for the plan

· Evidence from the literature to support the need for the plan

· Previous attempts by various individuals and groups to address this issue

· Stakeholders that should be included in the strategic planning process

Section 2: SWOT Analysis

To prepare:

· Conduct a SWOT analysis for your Strategic Plan, reviewing and incorporating any insights you have gained from feedback from Week 4 Discussion 2: Preparing for a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis. Identify two strengths, two weaknesses, two opportunities, and two threats that warrant attention relative to the identified strategic plan issue.

· Reflect on how you distinguished between weaknesses and threats and consider whether the threats or weaknesses also pose opportunities.

To complete:

Write a 2- to 3-page summary that conveys the results of your SWOT analysis. Include:

· Two organizational strengths

· Two organizational weaknesses

· Two market opportunities

· Two environmental threats

· An explanation of whether the threats and/or weaknesses may also pose opportunities

By Day 7

Submit the following sections of your Strategic Plan, using the provided template:

· Section 1: Summary of the Issue (2–3 pages)

· Section 2: SWOT Analysis (2–3 pages)

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