Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Choose 10 peer-reviewed journal articles dealing with topics to include but not be limited to:  AAT with hospitalized adolescents, AAT with Alzheimer’s patients, AAT in Hospice, AAT with elderly in nursing homes, AAT with physical disabilities, AAT with hospitalized children, AAT with AIDS patients, AAT with depression, AAT in prisons, AAT in school settings, etc.Your task is to read the articles and provide an introduction section, an APA style reference for each article followed by a summary of the article, and a conclusion section.  Please review my example assignment in the Learning week 4 forum under Annotated Bibliography Example Assignment. Please fashion your assignments in the same manner as mine is fashioned.Type the introduction, APA references, summaries of articles, and conclusion***THE ATTACHMENT IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE PLEASE DO NOT USE IT FOR THE ASSIGNMENT***

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