In the last week, you helped me finish an essay. I received a teacher’s evaluation of this essay. You need to modify the essay based on these reviews, just some minor changes. I will send you all the details, thank you.

This is the teacher’s evaluation :

very nice job again–and here are a few things to think about for the revision: note that English puts all books, journals, periodicals, novels, plays, magazines and newspapers in italics so here A Doll’s House goes in italics every time but not quotes para 1 In the play A Doll’s House (use italics) themes come (note themes plural requires a plural verb) see how the Helmer’s marriage appears to be time for the audience to fully comprehend the plot and be (here I can not determine what you might have meant by “ready”) para 2 “A picture . . .words!” has a greater impact on the NOTE ALSO use left justified and not full justified watching relays the information para 3 The deception, which is . . .in the play, can only be have the upper hand regard, watching allows the viewer para 4 from him, drawing attention for some money from men in certain societies. (I think you need from not for) para last and makes the movie p. 58). with a space watching fosters more play A Doll’s House is one (use italics for the title) If you have more than one use the plural Works Cited very nice work NOTE the paper is a 92 and you received +2 for being one of the first five to turn in your paper, hence 94% here.

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