1. Review the Juvenile Justice System Structure & Process case flow diagram on the U.S. Department of Justice website, located at http://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/structure_process/case.html. Which aspect of this system of this system do you find to be the most significant in working with juveniles? Remember to keep in mind early intervention, and the purpose of the system. Research the juvenile system in your home state–what do methods do they use to rehabilitate or intervene with the youth. Can you support its effectiveness? Compare this to the 3 types of prevention interventions mentioned in the text.

2. “Effective Policing” Please respond to the following:

  • According to the text, the Joint Committee on Police Psychology Competencies has identified four (4) general domains of proficiency that include the assessment domain, the intervention domain , the operational domain, and the consulting domain. Determine the key activities involved in each domain and discuss whether or not you could rank these domains in the order of importance. Justify your position.Per the text, social media has become a mainstay in reporting both the commendable and deplorable behavior of police officers. Take a position on whether the presence of social media is having a mainly positive or mainly negative effect on the way in which officers carry out their duties. Provide a rationale for your response.

3. Read the article titled, “Still the American Frontier: Fourth (4th) Amendment Litigation” located at http://wispd.org/attachments/article/220/Still%20the%20American%20Frontier-%20Fourth%20Amendment%20Litigation.pdf. Explain in your own words situations in which the plain view doctrine applies. List other exceptions to this doctrine not mentioned in the text? Please support your response. Describe two (2) situations where you feel that strip, body cavity, or x-ray searches would be merited.

4. Please respond to the following:Read the article located in the course shell titled, “The Problem with Eyewitness Testimony: A talk by Barbara Tversky, Professor of Psychology and George Fisher, Professor of Law”. Next, explain two (2) major issues that you can identify as it relates to lineups and other means of pretrial identification. Discuss two (2) situations in which you feel that Miranda warnings are not required as it relates to arrest, custody, and interrogatio

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