10-slide PowerPoint presentation with Speaker Notes You were recently hired as the senior network en

 10-slide PowerPoint presentation with Speaker Notes


You were recently hired as the senior network engineering for a large corporation. The network that you are now responsible for is fully installed, but there are many issues and outages being reported. These issues include slow responses when users try to access file services or the Internet, and when they try sending e-mails, among other services. The network has over 1,000 end stations, but you have noticed that there is just a single subnet being utilized. You are also being told that the issues being reported are more compound when certain users from the customer services department are at work and have their computers running. You want to stabilize network performance, but you must first identify the root causes of the problem. 

Create a 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation (include a title slide and References slide).

Using the following list, complete a network risk assessment of the present environment. Be sure to discuss a minimum of 8 areas of concern in your assessment:

  • Are all workstations configure with antivirus software, and are the definitions updated regularly?
  • What is a common set of applications running in the environment, and how are they protected?
  • How is network traffic being routed?
  • Are unused network outlets secured?
  • What mechanisms are in place to control traffic flow and relegate access to resources?
  • Are firewalls present in the network?
  • Are servers patches and hotfixes all up-to-date?
  • Is there a schedule to perform these updates?
  • How is network performance affected by a single subnet in this environment?
  • Are users required to change their password frequently?
  • How is the internal network protected from internet threats?
  • Is there an acceptable use policy?
  • Is logging available?
  • Are the users educated on security risk concerns?

In your deliverable, be sure to do the following:

  • List measures than can be taken to reduce the risk exposure that you have identified.
  • Discuss measures that can be taken to proactively reduce risk.
  • List standards that can be included in your acceptable use policy that will help to reduce your risk exposure.

Please submit your assignment.


Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.


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