1. How Effective Leadership can Facilitate Change in Organizations through Improvement and… 1 answer below »

Project: Developing Your Critical Literature Review Research Topic: How Effective Leadership can improve the Performance of an Organization’s Workforce: A Case Study of Nigeria The list of identified peer-reviewed articles relating to my chosen topic 1. How Effective Leadership can Facilitate Change in Organizations through Improvement and Innovation By Moo J. Hao & Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard 2. Impact of Leadership Style on Organization Performance: A Critical Literature Review by G. O. Igbaekemen & J. E. Odivwri 3. Managing and Leading a Diverse Workforce: One of the Main Challenges in Management by Aya Shaban 4. Study on employees’ perception of effective leadership styles in relation to employee productivity and organizational citizenship behavior By Roland Rayco 5. Impact of leadership styles on employees’ attitude towards their leader and performance: Empirical evidence from Pakistani banks by Muhammad Asrar-ul-Haq & Peter K. Kuchinke 6. Effective Employee Engagement in the Workplace by Schrita Osborne and Mohamad Hammoud In this Project, you will write a coherent, critical review of the literature on your chosen topic, in which you will: • Identify the gap that your research question intends to address. • Outline your research question and objectives. Note: You will include an indication of the research questions and objectives that your research will address at the end of your literature review. • Outline the study design and methods that are appropriate for addressing your identified objectives. To prepare for the Project: • Identify and examine a number of literature review articles published in peer-reviewed management journals that are relevant to the chosen research topic, with particular attention to the articles structure, organisation and format. • Review different study designs and methodological approaches to data collection and consider the most appropriate study design and methodologies to answer your research question. • Prepare the submission of your ethical form drafts on ethical considerations that impact your research, including ethical obligations to your participants, the organisation and/or setting where you will conduct your research, the management research community and the general public. Think about how you will address any potential ethical issues in your research and how this might impact your choice of research design and methods.


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